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A few days ago I showed you my little Retinette f. Today I present to you my Polaroid 636 :

I was really excited by the Polaroid, I have been dreaming for one for a while. But when I searched for this camera's instant paper on the web I quickly realized that I wouldn't be using the camera anywhere soon.. The original Polaroid paper wasn't manufactured anymore by the company. They had stopped producing it ! You can still buy some of the last produced packs on the web but you'll have to pay around 45€ the 10 paper pack. That's 4€50 a photo !

Hopefully, the Impossible project saved Polaroid instant films from extinction. In 2008 Polaroid shut down the instant films production sites. The impossible project bought off Polaroid machinery used to produce the instant films, and used them to continue producing them. They had to start from scratch to invent a new instant film system because the chemicals used by Polaroid weren't available anymore. They were finally successful, and now sell instant films compatible with old Polaroid cameras. For my 636 I would need PX 680 film, available for only $23.99 ! Which is way cheaper than the original Polaroid film.

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