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Summer is nearly over. And now it's time for me to go back to school. The thing is, I'm feeling kind of lost. This year I passed my bachelor's degree in France, and I just learned that the masters degree I wanted to take next year in biology doesn't exist anymore at my university. I'm in a complicated situation. I have to find another alternative. Maybe another masters degree in another speciality in the same city, or another city, or completely stop my studies now. Maybe just a break, or a new start.
It's not easy to make such decisions. It's never been easy for me to take any big decisions. I must lack in confidence, or maybe I'm just a scary cat. I'm not like those people I admire, who decide to take off to another country, to travel around the world, so young but so full of courage and confidence. Or those people who have the courage to make personal projects come true such as creating their little company, selling their crafts, photography, or jewellery. Even if I find what they do admirable, I couldn't possibly do that.
And so when it comes to making life changing decisions for my future, I'm scared I might make the wrong decision. I'm terrified by the idea.

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